Kate Spade Themed 29th Birthday Party

I love Kate Spade. You could call me Kate Spade addicted, I love her purses, her style, her accessories, etc. Her stuff just completes an outfit, with it’s simplicity and elegance. For my 29th birthday,  I decided I wanted to do a Kate Spade themed party. From the invitation down to the floral arrangements. We decided to do it in our newly remodeled garage.


Kate Spade Invitation Available on my Etsy!

I did some research on Pinterest and got some ideas, but one thing I noticed in all the Kate Spade themed party ideas was the overwhelming addition of pink. While pink is a color in Kate Spade items, it’s not really the main color of her designs. Her stuff is a lot of black and white, golds, silvers, with a bit of pastel pink thrown in and topped off with glitter. I decided to go the subtle route and focus on the black and white with the silver and golds thrown in and a dash of pastel pink and topped with glitter (gold glitter heart cupcake toppers) .










Had fun planning my birthday party and hope I have given you all some inspiration!



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